Our goals


The Whittier Area Evangelical Ministerial Alliance (W.A.E.M.A.) is a partnership of ministers and ministries whose leadership and advocacy will promote spiritual, social, economic, educational and community development in the greater Whittier area.


SPIRITUAL-To promote the Kingdom of God and His Son Jesus Christ, and to foster Biblical and moral virtues in our community.

Some objectives that meet this goal...

• Implement regular pastor’s prayer meetings.

• Implement & Encourage participation in a Yearly Pastor’s Prayer & Fasting Retreat.

• Participate in & Promote Monthly “Minister’s Gatherings.”

• Encourage & Sponsor Inter-church Fellowship.

• Promote, Organize, & Sponsor the National Day of Prayer (May).

• Promote the Annual Whittier Prayer Summit (February).

• Promote & Participate in the Annual Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast (Good Friday).

• Support & Promote the Whittier Pregnancy Care Clinic.

• Partner with Local Organizations (i.e., Jr. Achievement; Boy Scouts) in Promoting Morals and Ethics in Business, Government, and Society, etc.

• Sponsor Annual “Meet You at the Pole” Student Prayer rallies on school campuses (September)

• Participate in local Chaplaincy Programs (i.e., Sheriff, P.D., Hospitals, Prisons, Jails, Colleges, Juvenile Halls, etc.).

• Develop a “Release Time” Religious Education Program in our Public Schools.

• Serve as a “Clearing House” for Abstinence Education Resources for our local schools.

• Encourage Participating in Community-wide Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter Services.

SOCIAL-To encourage communication and relationships between ministers, ministries, residents, church members, and the institutions and agencies serving our communities.

Some objectives that meet this goal...

• Continue Monthly W.A.E.M.A. Fellowship Meetings.

• Sponsor an Annual Community-wide Picnic Day.

• Organize local Church “Adopt a Block” Program.

• Implement Annual Pastor’s/Minister’s Retreat.

• Host Quarterly “Meet and Greet” Gatherings for New Church Leaders.

• Participate in & Promote “Ministers Gatherings” for Social Interaction including Wives and Children.

• Encourage Participation in Monthly Whittier area Clergy Association (W.A.C.A.) meetings (“First Wednesday at Noon”).

ECONOMIC-To encourage the stimulation of enterprises that provide economic stability and financial freedom, and that strengthen the fiscal foundations of our community.

Some objectives that meet this goal...

• Promote participation in economic development organizations (i.e., Evangelical Christian Credit Union; Churches United for Economic Development; Christian Community Development Association, etc.).

• Develop a “Business Incubator.”

• Sponsor Micro Lending and Credit Union Enterprises.

• Support and Participate in “Schools of Entrepreneurship” (i.e. ZOE’s Joseph School of Business)

• Engage in Low to Medium Income Affordable Housing Developments for Families, Seniors, and Single Parents.

EDUCATIONAL-To increase the knowledge base in member organizations and advocate for enhanced learning opportunities in our community.

Some objectives that meet this goal...

• Promote the Development of Computer Learning Programs

• Encourage the Development of, and Support existing ESL/Literacy Programs. 

• Establish After School Tutoring Programs.

• Support Life Skills Training Programs.

• Help Set Up 12-Step Programs.

• Participate in Parent Education Programs.

• Develop Job Readiness Programs.

• Establish & Support a Network of Christian Day Care & Pre-school Centers.

• Support & Encourage Participation in Local Bible Training I Learning Centers.

COMMUNITY-To develop and promote ways and means to improve the quality of life in the greater Whittier Area.

Some objectives that meet this goal...

• Support “Serve Weekend,” and the “Winter Cold Weather Shelter and Soup Kitchen” programs.

• Develop a “Church Resource Directory;” which would serve as a church information “clearing house” for individuals, businesses, government agencies, and community service organizations.

• Support L.A. County’s “Healthy Families” Service Program.

• Promote, Help Organize, & Support Local Church “Adopt-a- Block” Program.

• Promote & Support Local Substance Abuse Recovery and Prisoner Re-entry Programs (i.e Catholic Rainbow Outreach: The Danny Alvarez Center; Teen Challenge Centers; Bridge of Faith, First Day Coalition, W.A.R.N., etc.).

• Promote & Support Community Food Distribution Programs (i.e. Heart of Compassion Dist,; Interfaith Food Center, etc.)

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